OAG Webmasters Report June

Jun / 13 15

OAG Webmasters Report June

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Hi all

So some cool thing will be happening June, July and August while the members are out and playing this summer.

The webmaster will be reviewing the whole site and updating, reformatting, and reorganize the site. This version of the OAG website has been live since Sept 2013, and the core content from before then. Since that time the webmaster has been reviewing the stats on where visitors are coming from and where they are entering and exiting the website. Not everyone enters on the home page.

The top 5 pages of entry are:
homepage: http://ottawaartisansguild.ca/
Shows / Markets page: http://ottawaartisansguild.ca/?page_id=91
calendar of events page: http://ottawaartisansguild.ca/?page_id=65
Our members page: http://ottawaartisansguild.ca/?page_id=202
Contact Us page: www.ottawaartisansguild.ca/?page_id=348

and to be fair, the blogs are also being viewed, combined they out weigh the home page so we will make blogs number 6 in the top 5 as well
Various Blogs viewed:

The above 5 pages will be updated to contain or organized to make the pages better for example the calendar of events could be better. and the home page to that end.

So as we review the site we will also add internal links, what that you ask… well internal links are links with in the content for exemple “for more information contact us” notice the “contact us” is hot is linked to that page. that is an internal link. external links can also be added to content, for example if in a bio page you have a website we would link to that to, so when clicked, the viewer would be off you that website.

Now that we have the whole website up and tested for the last few month, its time to also make all the pages consistent in style, correct header structure for all pages. Why? Because google and other search engines require structure, and rank the website by its coding. technical issue for ranking.

We also have a number of DOC files on the site. Not everyone has MSWord to view it so we will be converting all of them to PDF and with a Consistent Look as well, as these files have been created by several different people, not every created the same file style, we we will correct that. But als we will link to an HTML file as well.

There are also the Bios to be created and updated/removed as new members join and leave.

The last 90 days Stats

Total visitors for the last 90 days was 1073, 24.8% were retuning visitors, 75.2 were new visitors. These 1073 visitors found us by; 18.9% we direct visits (meaning the person used a book mark or typed in the website), 9.3% from referrals (websites that link to us), 71.8% from organic searches (google, bing etc).

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