10 Craft Hacks Using Everyday Items!

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10 Craft Hacks Using Everyday Items!

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Published on Aug 20, 2014

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!! Do NOT use nail polish remover on real wood surfaces. My table shown in the video is a type of plastic, not wood. Do NOT use nail polish as varnish on polymer clay (oven-baked clay). It works fine with air-dry clay which is the material used in this video.

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Here’s a collection of crafting tips using things that are easily found around the home!

The most requested tip is probably the DIY felting glove, I actually stabbed myself on camera at 04:45 but didn’t feel a thing! Make sure you are wearing the glove when attaching the duct tape because it needs to mold around the shape of your finger. You need at least 5 layers of tape for it be effective.