General for all Crafts

General for all crafts

1. Each item must be handcrafted by the member and demonstrate the use of skills, which can only be achieved by specialized training experience.
2. A significant transformation must be accomplished. This means that the member has started with a manufactured or cultured design as a base for the craft (ie: fabric, wreath forms, containers, wooden items, gems, glass) and has transformed this base, using a creative process (ie: painting, sewing, floral arranging) that changes the original appearance of the manufactured design.
3. A creative process must be used.
4. Items must function as designed and be durable for their intended use.
5. Raw materials must be of good quality and suited for the intended use of the item.
6. Items must not be hazardous (eg: no jagged or sharp edges)
7. All items must have proper labeling.
8. All items must be in good taste and fit for family viewing (ie: not of a pornographic or offensive nature)
9. No loose threads.
10. The following are not permitted: ‘piece work’ items, that is any part of item constructed by someone other than the crafter, and items produced from kits.