Fabric, Material

Fabric, Material

1. Good quality, new fabrics appropriate for the end product must be used.
2. New polyester or cotton fiberfill or batting must be used.
3. Fabric must be properly prepared and grain lines consistent.
4. Seams must be equidistant and raw edges finished.
5. Joins and corners must meet precisely.
6. Stitching and tension should be consistent throughout the item.
7. Bias binding must be used if the item has curved edges.
8. Pattern markings must not be visible on the finished item.
9. No loose threads.
10. Accessories (ie: buttons, buckles, etc) must be of quality consistent to the garment and properly secured.
11. Use of colour and texture in all textiles should mesh into a pleasing balance.
12. Style of article and fabric should be compatible.
13. All mandatory standards re labeling must be followed.