Stained Glass

Stained Glass

1. Copper foiled pieces should have even seams indicating a close fit.
2. Glass fit must not be sloppy or uneven.
3. There must not be areas of thick solder (ie: where a large gap; between glass pieces has been filled).
4. Leaded pieces must have tight fitting construction with no loose pieces or jiggling of the glass in the lead channel.
5. Solder seams on copper foiled pieces must have a consistent width.
6. On copper foiled work, the bead of solder should be raised with smooth joints.
7. Soldering on leaded pieces should form a clean, smooth and even joint without unnecessary bulging.
8. All items must be clean with polished glass and solder seams.
9. If patinas are employed, the solder lines should be uniform in appearance indicating an even application.
10. Solder spatters or balls must have been removed.
11. Edges must be smooth without drips or uneven bumps.
12. Hanger devices (ie: wire hoops, rings, hooks, etc) must be solidly affixed to the item.
13. Electrical fixtures used in night lights or lamps must meet mandatory electrical standards.