1. Only good quality wood must be used. No plastic film veneered wood can be used.
2. All joinery must be neat, smooth and closed with minimum glue lines visible.
3. Items must be assembled so that they are strong and sturdy as required for their end use.
4. All joinery involving end-grain to end-grain, or end-grain to surface grain must be given internal or external mechanical support.
5. Construction involving wood panels, such as doors, must provide allowance for expansion and contraction with changes in humidity.
6. Pieces must be well sanded, particularly in areas that will be handled. Exceptions may be made in the case of ‘rustic’ pieces.
7. Items should have a final finish that will allow them to be kept clean without harming the finish (ie: varathane, varnish, etc)
8. Where practical, finishes must be applied to both internal and external surfaces.
9. Finishes must be smoothly applied.
10. Non toxic materials must be used wherever possible.
11. Must meet mandatory standards.