Membership Tasks

The following gives some idea of the actual tasks involved in a member position. It does not necessarily give all the tasks as those can vary from time to time as circumstances warrant. The Executive position responsible for the area is given in bold type.

Each Guild member is expected to contribute to the functioning of the Guild. You will be assigned a task based on your priorities and the requirements of the Guild. You may request a change of assignment at any time, by completing a new Membership Task Form link12.


Nominating Committee member
Reports to Vice President
Assists in locating candidates to serve on Executive
Should have been a member for a minimum of two years

Updates and Maintains website needs

Assistant webmaster 
Assist webmaster in maintenance of website

Takes photographs of members as required
Takes photographs at meetings
Takes photographs at Guild sponsored events
Submits photographs to webmaster or assistant


Market Coordinator (1 per market) 
Collect applications and payments
Deliver payments with report to Treasurer
Prepares market layout
Assigns market tasks
Assigns booth spaces
Liaise with market location
Assist other Market Coordinators

Assistant Market Coordinator

Jury Committee member
Juries member products to ensure compliance with Guild standards
Reviews standards and recommends changes
Should be an experienced crafter

Telephone caller to remind people of markets   

Database maintainer  
Maintain database of customer information based on ballots received at markets
Prepare reports from database as required

Canteen Coordinator
Responsible for setup and layout of the canteen
Purchase commercial products as required
Delivers cash received to Treasurer
Arranges for staffing of the canteen

Canteen Assistant


Advertising layout designer  

Publicity layout designer   

Pamphlet designer

Paid Advertising assistant 
Submit advertising to selected commercial venues

Unpaid Advertising assistant 
Submit advertising to selected venues


Refreshments coordinator
Ensures refreshments are available at meetings
Coordinates Refreshment Providers

Refreshments provider (per occurrence)
Provides refreshments as agreed with Refreshments Coordinator

Meeting set-up (per occurrence)  
Arrives 30 minutes prior to meeting and assist in setting up

50-50 draw
Sells 50/50 tickets at door
Calculates division of proceeds
Delivers Guild portion with report to Treasurer

Meets new members or guests at door
Introduces guests to members with same interest
Introduces guests at meeting

Program assistant  
Recommends possible speakers to Program Director
Contacts possible speakers and confirms arrangements

Silent auction   
Collect donations from members
Conduct auction


Newsletter contributor 
Contributes a minimum of three items through the year


Points database maintainer 
Receives data as to points awarded and enters into database
Prepares semi-annual report


Reference library maintainer
Ensures documentation is  current and applicable
Puts out documentation at each meeting

Textile Labels
Provides labels to members
Accounts for funds received to Treasurer
Ensures sufficient labels are on hand to meet member requirement

For more information contact Membership email.