7.0 Marketers’ Responsibilities


Full Version PDF of the Market Regulations can be found on the Downloads Page link12.


Each member is to wear a Guild pin to identify themselves. Assistants are to wear some form of identification denoting their status to the public.


Each and every member is to conduct himself professionally at all times.


The Guild member, whose name appears on the market application, must be present in the booth for the majority of each day of the market. It is understood and , therefore, allowable for exhibitors to be absent from their booths for short periods of time, but available at the market, in order to dine or perform market tasks, etc.


Only plain bags or boxes or those displaying the exhibitor’s or the Guild’s name must be used for packaging any sale.


Each exhibitor is to perform at least one market task, as assigned, and may not exchange tasks with another exhibitor without prior approval of the Market Coordinator.


Any exhibitor who is aware of unacceptable actions at the market should report the infraction to the Market Coordinator, who will investigate and take corrective action as required.


Exhibitors should direct members of the public showing interest in the Guild to the Membership booth.


Exhibitors are required to park their vehicles in the spaces designated by the Market Coordinator.


Exhibitors are encouraged to complete, anonymously if desired, the market evaluation form which will be distributed to each booth as they are used to produce better markets in the future.

For more information contact market coordinator email.