8.0 Unacceptable Actions


Full Version PDF of the Market Regulations can be found on the Downloads Page link12.


Exhibitors are not to demonstrate at their booth without prior express approval from the Market Coordinator.


No smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted anywhere on the market site.


Food and drink should not be consumed in the booth. A member alone in a booth should be discreet while having food or drink and not openly dine or drink when members of the public are in the booth.


Exhibitors shall not read newspapers, magazines, books, etc at their booths when the market is open for business.


Commercial “storefront” names are not to be displayed or used in any way which includes the use of business cards so marked.


Advertising or notices for other events shall not be posted, offered, or made available to the public without prior approval of the Market Coordinator.


Advertisements (pictorial or written) displayed by marketers are to be in good taste and only for items hand crafted by the exhibitor. The Market Committee reserves the right to have those advertisements it deems unsuitable removed from view.


Solicitation for raffles, etc by members or other groups is not permitted on the market premises.

For more information contact market coordinator email.