Alex Johnston

Feb / 01 15

Alex Johnston

ARTISAN: Alex Johnston
BUSINESS: Crisp Designs
CONTACT: email

Alex’s jewelry has taken many forms over the years from her early teens with the colourful straws, beads and electrical wire and plastic lids studded with rhinestones, through the early twenties experimenting with 300 lb watercolour paper and polymer clay to the beadwork she designs today. She likes simple pieces that can match to many outfits and provide a focal point. A striking necklace or a pair of splashy earrings needs little in the way of other jewelry, a focal piece of jewelry doesn’t overwhelm the wearer and gives a nice balance.

Alex’s line has expanded to include greeting cards that she has been making for more than 20 years and crochet pieces that she developed in late 2006. There are ponchos and scarves. Again, with simplicity in mind, to match with many outfits and flatter the wearer.

Last but not least, this spring after being exasperated trying to find her keys – again – in her purse, she developed a ‘Key’per, a keyhook made of recycled materials, fashioned with a charm on one end and a split ring on the other end for your keys. Simply hang this on the side of your purse and you always will be able to find your keys.

Alex has often found that necessity is the mother of invention. Most of her work has come about by not finding what she was looking for and deciding to make something that works for her and hopes that you find it works for you too.