Christopher Koster

Feb / 01 15

Christopher Koster

ARTISAN: Christopher Koster
BUSINESS: The Wired Lady
CONTACT: email
WEBSITE: link12

Chris has been dabbling in all aspects of art since early child hood. By grade 3 and 4 was drawing at a grade 10 level. He attended Ontario College of Art and Design 1993-1999, graduating with a degree in Communications & Design. While in college he dabbled in both traditional art (Painting, Woodworking and Silver Smithing) for all his electives, while doing the new age arts of Graphic Design and Web Publishing.

His crowning achievement was 2 wooden harps. It was a final year independent study on “how do you play an instrument with no visual nor tactile feel”. One harp had strings, the second had lasers for strings. And the answer. Not very easy to play.

Today Chris still dabbles in the arts when he feels creative, or wants to try something new. He has done Copper Chain mail, and now Fimo Beads.

Chris has also insisted his youngest Daughter Vanessa to join the guild and run her artisan creativity as a business. Her first 2 spring shows blew her mind. The fact that she could make money making art, and still creating and making money as a Preteen.