Francis Meunier

Feb / 01 15

Francis Meunier

ARTISAN: Francis Meunier
BUSINESS: Completely Nuts!
CONTACT: 613-315-0139

Francis Meunier has been in the food industry for just over 9 years now. Working as a pastry chef for the House of Commons, Brook Street Resort and the French Backer. Also as a line cook for Cirque du Soleil .

Although food has always been Francis’ reason for living. He is very passionate about all types of art. Francis has developed skills in landscaping, interior design, architectural design, abstract paintings wood working and clay sculptures.

Francis has been a member of the Ottawa Artisans Guild for 3 years now and is now Vice President. Francis plans of remaining a very active member of this not for profit association for many years to come.

Founded in June of 2013, Completely Nuts! is Francis’ brand new business. Roasted walnuts are the core of this venture. With well over 30 flavours such as Big Dill, Bush Nuts, Mucho Caliente!, …Dickory Doc, to name just a few, Your mouth will never get bored. Just remember, these walnuts are not just for salads, throw them over pasta, in a wrap and in soup.

Be Bold, Be Completely Nuts!

For more info on Completely Nuts! Please visit Francis’s facebook page at link12 , you can also follow Francis on Twitter @completelynuts4