Francois Fournier

Feb / 02 15

Francois Fournier

ARTISAN: Francois Fournier
BUSINESS: Elf Pottery
CONTACT: email

Francois is always striving and learning. A family trip to Vancouver Island,back in the 90’s piqued his interest in pottery. That September he enrolled in an introductory Pottery course at the Gloucester Pottery School. After only a few years, his love for this medium and his mastery of the skill, the inevitable happened; they bought their own potters wheel. It wasn’t long until an electric kiln came their way.

Francois still makes beautiful wheel thrown function pottery. He also works in clay relief and sculptural pieces. Most recently he is making composite pots from wheel thrown and hand built components. The pieces are altered and combined to become larger and more complex forms.

When Francois is not in the studio you may find him playing his guitar, taking nature photos or taking an online science course to fulfill love of learning. There is also the ever present love-hate relationship with golf.